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registered DWZRV-VDH-FCI kennel since 01 – Oktober / 2008



Short notes, get more at “News” and “successes” of each dog

Now also Faron (to Finland) and Fantur (to Kelkheim) are picked up!

Falmarin, Fánamacar, Firinga and Failaran have been already picked up! Faron will be picked up on 9th of June and Fanny (Falanyel) stays at home. Only Fantur and Feredir are looking for a lovely home!

New show results with Ely

The puppies are 2 weeks old

The puppies  have their own side

Look at litterplan…the puppies arrived! 6 males and 2 females!


We have good news. Please have a look at “litterplan”!

We have to keep our fingers crossed! Look also under “Litterplan”:

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We have a lot of news since August 2017: European Championship at the race track, shows and coursings.

We were for a show weekend in Bremen

Back from Switzerland and show result of the Association Show and jubilee show

Volna won the oval track racing in Münster, Köln and Ostercappeln

The first Coursing this year…not bad, Volna got the 1th place from 11 females!

Also Eldarion (Danja) has a good journey to Sweden! We are happy with Sara and Dan!

Elrond and Earendil are now in they new home! We wish them lot of fun and all the best!

Wir were at the European Championship 2016 in Slovakia!

Michael was with Uschi in Tüttleben and I was with Volna in Gelsenkirchen…wow, both get “BOS”!

The puppies are now 2 weeks old and have open their eyes!

The puppies arrived!

Michael was with Uschi in Birmingham/GB to the Crufts 2016 …..not so bad!

Diva ist tragend!!!

No bad start for the new year 2016! We were in January for show in Langerwisch, in the middle of February in Sweden for mating Diva (yeah,she is pregnant, have a look at “Litterplan”), in the end of February for Coursing in Freiburg and to easter in March for show and coursing in Hoope!

Kassel were successful, Bogisha, Uschi and Volna!

We were in Karlsruhe!

Coursingdebute for Volna and Uschi!

Now Uschi and Volna had their coursing license, have a look at “Pics”!

Another successful and above all great weekend is behind us!

A successful saturday!

Show successes for Uschi

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Brushnijk is now also Norwegian Cousing Champion

Leyla (Banja iz mira älf) won the 4th place at the FCI-EM 2015 at the oval track. We are very proud!

Uschi get “Junior Benelux Winner 2015”

Despair – infinite grief – anger – resignation – no accepting but just giving in to fate

Uschi (Ulchenka Kalinow) get the title “Verbandsjugendsiegerin 2015”

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Leyla (Banja iz mira älf) become “Bundesrennsiegerin 2015”

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Brushnijk iz mira älf no. 4 European Coursing Championship 2015

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Volna ist Barsoijahresjugendsiegerin 2015 und Landesjugendsiegerin 2015

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Uschi get with 9 month: EXC1, JCAC, JVDH, JBOB, BOS and JBIS

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