News 2020


The year started well but also badly. We were with Ely (Enelyë), Volna and Thor for snow coursing in the Stubaital / AT. Ely was able to secure 2nd place for the second time (last year) with Res.CACIL of 17 bitches. After a very long break and 15 weeks after her litter, Volna was allowed to join in again, which was obviously a lot of fun for her. She took the 12th place but got the highest speed score of all runs of 22 Borzoi. Not bad for a nearly 6 year old girl!

Unfortunately, Thor injured his toe in the second round. Good that is not as bad as expected, but we decided that if the toe healed completely, Thor would only go on the race track. But we are happy about the CACIL, now he is C.I.C. international Racing Champion