We have the confirmation by ultrasound. We hope for healthy and sweet fluffies! 




The wedding has taken place and now it’s time to keep your fingers crossed! We are very excited to see the results of these special combinations.

We are planning our next litter, the J-litter, for spring/summer 2021, with our European Coursing Champion 2019 „Ely“ (Enelyë iz mira älf) x „Blazer“ (Gladkii Veter Papi) from the USA.


Ely x Blazer PEDIGREE

Ely x Gavar PEDIGREE


Enelyë iz mira älf



* April 17th, 2016

DM (N/N)
Heart examination according to CC, October 2nd, 2020: clear
Eye examination according to DOK, October 13th, 2020: clear

Thyroid examination, April 17, 2021: normal

Coursing and racing license

European Coursing Champion 2019
Champion for Beauty and Performance
International Racing Champion
German Junior Champion


Gladkii Veter Papi


* May 31, 2013

DM N / N
Heart ultrasound, May 21, 2015: clear

Heart ultrasound, 03/18/2018: clear
Eye examination, 04/25/2014: clear

Thyroid examination, 06/11/2015: clear



coursing & race track license 


Junior Courser
Senior Courser

Field Champion

USA Champion


Blazer is a medium-sized, full-bodied male with excellent forehand and backhand angulation, fore-chest and chest depth. I saw (while standing, walking), experienced (nature) and felt all males, from whom we brought frozen semen with us from our USA trip.


Garvar iz mira älf




heart ultrasound 2021/02/03: frei

Augenuntersuchung 2021/23/03: frei


Gavar is a young, beautiful, medium-sized and full-bodied male with a lively gait with a lot of thrust from behind and a lovely character.