The wedding between our “Uschi” and “Socke” took place on March/03/2020.


Yahoo….we have the confirmation. Uschi is pregnat! There were 3 bubbles to see. We are happy to get at least 3 healthy and strong puppies !



Ulchenka Kalinow




DM (N/N)

heart check 01.03.2017: OK

eyes check 01.03.2017: OK

heart check 08.-09.10.2018 ultrasound and holter: OK

mother of “G-Wurf”


coursing + oval track license


Borzoi Annual Winner 2018

Borzoi Annual Winner 2016

Country Winner Hessen-Thüringen 2016

German Champion DWZRV

German Champion VDH

German Junior Champion DWZRV

German Junior Champion VDH

Association Junior Winner 2015

Junior Benelux Winner 2015



Falmarin iz mira älf





heart check by CC, Feb./24/2020: clear

eyes check by DOK, Feb./06/2020: clear




coursing & race track license 


Socke started his sports and show career at the end of last year and it is becoming apparent that he will follow in the footsteps of his parents, Multi Ch. Volna Kalinow and Mulit Ch. Avalon Druid Dance Willowind. He has already won 1 Res.CAC and 1 CACIL.