We are planning our next litter, the J-litter, for spring/summer 2021, after the hopefully taking place European Coursing Championship 2021 with our European Coursing Champion 2019 “Ely” (Enelyë iz mira älf) x “Blazer” (Gladkii Veter Papi) from the USA.



Enelyë iz mira älf



* April 17th, 2016

DM (N/N)
Heart examination according to CC, October 2nd, 2020: clear
Eye examination according to DOK, October 13th, 2020: clear

Coursing and racing license

European Coursing Champion 2019
Champion for Beauty and Performance
International Racing Champion
German Junior Champion


Gladkii Veter Papi


* May 31, 2013

DM N / N
Heart ultrasound, May 21, 2015: clear

Heart ultrasound, 03/18/2018: clear
Eye examination, 04/25/2014: clear

Thyroid examination, 06/11/2015: clear



coursing & race track license 


Junior Courser
Senior Courser

Field Champion

USA Champion


Blazer is a medium-sized, full-bodied male with excellent forehand and backhand angulation, fore-chest and chest depth. I saw (while standing, walking), experienced (nature) and felt all males, from whom we brought frozen semen with us from our USA trip.